Partnership objectives

In collaboration with contractual mechanisms aimed at government-level support, this activity intends to support the entities tasked with operating and overseeing critical infrastructure through the combination of regional working groups composed of sector-specific critical infrastructure entities with the potential targeted bilateral support to individual countries.

Partnership objectives include the following:

  1. Accelerate the development of the workforce among critical infrastructure entities to protect against and respond to threats from malign actors, particularly cyberattacks.
  2. Empower critical infrastructure entities in Europe and Eurasia to identify and address threats to critical infrastructure and facilitate the export of U.S. technology and expertise to counter these threats.
  3. Establish the policies, frameworks and coordination bodies necessary to empower critical infrastructure entities to protect and improve the resilience of critical infrastructure key resources.
  4. Establish robust information sharing networks between national and regional critical infrastructure entities, promoting coordinated and collaborative responses to threats to critical infrastructure.
  5. Improve U.S. security through application of lessons learned from this activity by U.S. critical infrastructure entities.

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